Industrial Engineering

Specialist Industrial Engineering Services

Bolt Store

Queenstown Engineering Bolt Store, situated within the company's office building, offers an extensive selection of fastening materials. Catering to both the public and local trades, the store boasts a wide array of products, including construction-related fastenings, engineers bolts, stainless steel fastenings, and threaded rods. Ideal for bulk purchases, the store stands as a one-stop-shop for all fastening needs, ensuring quality and variety in every sale.

Certified Welding

Queenstown Engineering Ltd. stands out in the field of welding services, offering a comprehensive suite from in-shop fabrication to on-site mobile welding, all adhering to the stringent AS/NZS 2980 standards. Their commitment to quality is further reinforced by employing a Welding Supervisor with AS 2214 certification, ensuring expertise in welding fabrication. The company's versatility is showcased through their use of diverse welding techniques, including MIG and STICK, and their provision for independent Non-Destructive Testing, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability in critical structures and transport solutions.

Industrial Engineering

Queenstown Engineering is a versatile company that specialises in heavy fitting work across diverse industrial settings, including local transfer stations, pump stations, and recycling centers. Their expertise extends to providing essential repairs and maintenance for adventure tourism operators, ensuring the safety and reliability of ropeway systems. Additionally, they contribute to the innovation within the adventure tourism industry by developing new equipment, demonstrating their commitment to both safety and progress in the field.

Ski Are Engineering and Snow-Making Systems

The engineering and installation of snow-making systems are critical components in the development and maintenance of ski resorts. Queenstown Engineering's expertise in fabricating pump-house pipework systems, spooling up steel pipes, and ensuring secure tie-ins exemplifies the intricate work involved in creating a reliable snow-making infrastructure. Their ability to install lateral pipework and fabricate custom parts like elbows and flanges demonstrates a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each ski area, ensuring skiers have consistent snow conditions throughout the season.

"Queenstown Engineering has been a strong support to our ever-changing environment and needs at The Remarkables Ski Area for the last 10 years at least! From their original site in Queenstown where space was always compromised they never failed to deliver either on fabrication of product or assistance on site at The Remarkables. Now in bigger premises with more work rolling through the business Justin, Jase, Adam and the team still provide outstanding service and commitment to our cause on a regular basis. May it long continue!"

  • Ross Lawrence, Ski Area Manager, The Remarkables.

Transport Engineering and Towbars

Queenstown Engineering is a specialist in providing certified transport repairs and modifications, ensuring that construction equipment and road transport vehicles operate safely and efficiently. Their expertise extends to the manufacturing of high-quality towbars suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including heavy-duty options and custom-designed trailers. With a commitment to quality and safety, they offer comprehensive solutions for transport needs, from truck decks to excavators, all crafted with precision and care.

Industrial Zinc Coatings for Steel

Queenstown Engineering's unique zinc arc spraying system offers a significant technological advantage in the Wakatipu basin. This innovative method allows for the treatment of larger steel sections, overcoming the size limitations of traditional hot dip galvanising. The zinc arc spray process ensures minimal distortion and is suitable for hollow sections, providing a quick turnaround time. Additionally, the company offers a variety of other surface finishes, including powder coating, urethane and epoxy paint systems, and hot dip galvanising, catering to diverse industry needs.